Our Mission

The WhyUnite? Project is an individual initiative aimed at channeling the capacities of a community of creatives, builders, and storytellers in order to share the transforming power of the Baha’i Faith with the world.

The project aims to empower individuals to work in teams to offer educational and inspirational materials about the Baha’i Faith. We have formed a 501.3c non-profit for organizing resources for these content development efforts.

Relationship with the Baha’i Worldwide Organization 

We are focused on sharing compelling content from individual Baha’is. The views and perspectives shared are from individuals. They do not represent an official interpretation of the Baha’i Faith. Therefore, we always encourage people to turn to the Baha’i Writings to seek their own personal understandings.

That said, this project does not enroll new believers. From our perspective, that is the job of the Institutions of the Baha’i Faith which are building a worldwide community of believers empowered by the Founder of this religion to lead humanity forward in true and lasting unity.

If you would like to learn more information about joining this new world religion, or if you would just like to contact the Baha’is of your area and make some interesting and fun new friends, visit our About the Bahá’í Faith Page for some suggestions.

About the WhyUnite? team

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This effort was originally started by a husband and wife team from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They conceived of it after writing and publishing a series of books and videos under the WhyUnite brand, including a collection of over 45 interviews of Baha’is telling their own stories of finding, embracing, and practicing it’s teachings. They found this experience tremendously inspiring and energizing, and so they wanted to help others join in and share in the bounty that comes from being involved in such a spirit-affirming effort.