Introducing a new book about the Baha’i Faith

A book by Nathan Thomas that explores how and why people discover and realize their spiritual capacity using the beliefs, practices, and vision of the Baha’i Faith.


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About the Book
Manifest Your Potential  
How the Beliefs, Practices, and Vision of the Bahá’í Faith Can Change Your Life 

Learn how the Bahá’í Faith is transforming the lives of millions of people from every corner of the globe. Discover how this new faith is bringing people together to create a world of peace, justice, and spiritual awareness for all.


Any Soul Can Discover the Benefits of Bahá’í Life


Manifest Your Potential, How the Beliefs, Practices, and Vision of the Bahá’í Faith Can Change Your Life provides an introduction to the Bahá’í Faith focused on its capacity to transform ourselves into truly spiritual beings. Divided into three sections, the book discusses the beliefs that sustain us, the practices that empower us, and vision that inspires us in our Faith. It covers:

  • How people can find their own place in creating a better world
  • The Bahá’í concept of God, religion, and spiritual development
  • The Bahá’í path to fulfillment, happiness, and contentment
  • How Bahá’ís deal with sins, forgiveness, tests, and difficulties in life
  • How Bahá’í prayers, meditation, fasting, and laws help people grow spiritually
  • How people can align their marriages and careers to serve mankind while they fulfill their destinies
  • What the Vision of Bahá’u’lláh is for the world and how it can inspire people to do more with their lives


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