Introducing a new video series about why people join the Baha’i Faith

A series of video interviews conducted by Nathan Thomas that explores the stories of real life people who accepted this new world religion as their own.

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This is a collection of videos of interviews of Bahá’ís gathered for the WhyUnite? Project. Each video contains five to six interviews, of about 15-20 minutes each. Every story offers a unique perspective on what it means to encounter this faith, explore it, and accept it for oneself. It includes people from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, age, educational, and social backgrounds. These stories feature individuals who came from various religious experiences including Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Jewish, Islamic, Jain, Buddhist, atheist, and more. They represent stories of real people who have found that the Bahá’í Faith offers them the sense of fulfillment, inspiration, and empowerment they need to make a difference in their lives, and in the world.
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Part 1 of 9: Paths of Christian Awakenings

87 minutes
Interviews include:
• An evangelical with a deep commitment to Christ expanded his personal faith
• A German-American and Lutheran woman who found hope for the future
• An African American preacher who found his home in the Bahá’í Faith
• The son of a Baptist minister who searched and accepted the faith as his own
• A Protestant woman who explored all faiths and recognized the age of fulfillment

Part 2 of 9: Paths of Eastern Awakenings
86 minutes
Interviews include:
• An man who lived in India and who came from the Jain faith and found that the Bahá’í teachings fit his life
• A Chinese man who grew up with traditional beliefs and an open heart
• An American woman who sought tangible spiritual experiences that led to the faith
• The Japanese daughter of a Shinto priest who was deeply impressed by the Bahá’ís
• An American man who found that the Bahá’í Faith expanded his Buddhism
• An Indian man from Hindu background inspired by a message of unity

Part 3 of 9: Paths of Personal Discovery
70 minutes
Interviews include:
• An African-American woman who grew up in a spiritualist background
• A man who grew up in a middle-class home in the Chicago suburbs
• A man from Jewish background who found his own path to spirituality
• A teacher from small-town America, who cultivated his own philosophy on life
• A woman of Native American and Greek heritage who followed her heart

Part 4 of 9: Paths of Understanding
85 minutes
Interviews include:
• A researcher who grew up in a atheistic family but who longed for deeper connections
• A woman who grew up in an atheist family who experienced the divine for herself
• A scientist who took a rational approach to faith and found a unifying force within it
• A Japanese doctor disillusioned by war who found a compelling vision for peace
• A man who recognized the power of faith to transform people by starting with himself

Part 5 of 9: Paths of Activism
80 minutes
Interviews include:
• A woman who grew up actively seeking ways to help people in need
• A Native American man who dedicated his life to communities in need
• A Chinese-American man who found his path through the arts and service
• A young mother who dedicated years to service and chose a path in nonprofits
• A man who who left his country to serve in India, Africa, and North America

Part 6 of 9: Paths of Unity
70 minutes
Interviews include:
• A Filipino-American girl who discovered a more active and empowering personal faith
• A man whose faith opened his mind to inspiration from all the world’s faiths
• A woman whose spiritual path inspired her to overcome difficulties in her own life
• A man trained in the arts whose faith commitments inspires him to work for unity
• A former submarine officer whose experiences taught him the unity of mankind

Part 7 of 9: Paths of Persian Experiences
86 minutes
Interviews include:
• A man from Shiraz who decided for himself what he believed
• A third generation Bahá’í woman who sacrificed greatly for her faith
• A man who fled Iran as a child and who had to find his own path to faith through service
• A woman who grew up in the Muslim faith in Iran who accepted the Bahá’í Faith
• A Iranian-American and sixth generation Bahá’í who found his faith helped him stay true

Part 8 of 9: Paths of Bahá’í Identity
81 minutes
Interviews include:
• A former professional ballerina who investigated the faith as a youth for herself
• A man who investigated other religions as he learned about the Bahá’í Faith
• A woman who went through some personal challenges to truly value her faith
• A music teacher who grew up with a strong Bahá’í identity
• A woman who found that her faith gave her patterns and standards for her life
• A woman raised in India whose strong spiritual principles guided her every day

Part 9 of 9: Paths of Service
74 minutes
Interviews include:
• A young woman who from an early age was serving the Bahá’í Faith around the world
• A young woman who found her own spiritual path serving alongside other Bahá’ís
• A fourth generation American Bahá’í who did his own service to the Bahá’í Faith
• A woman who actively surrounded herself with people who shared her values
• The founder of the WhyUnite? Project tells his own story