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The WhyUnite Vision

Our vision is to create a global network of teams who are collaborating virtually on new projects to help the Faith. Read More

Why It's Different

One of the things we believe at WhyUnite is that our global community is a defining element of the Baha’i faith. We believe that this can be our most compelling and magnetic force for drawing humanity towards the Cause for this Age. Read more.

About Us - The WhyUnite Team

Ten years ago, we set off on a journey to create a set of materials to introduce the Baha’i Faith with a modern, engaging, and professional approach. We knew that the first step in reaching an audience is understanding that audience. Instead of making a 1-size fits all (which in our world means 1-size fits none), we decided to take an adaptable approach, and tailor our content to the interests and needs of the people. Read more.

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The world’s problems can only be solved through a united religion for the current day