Are you interested in hearing a talk about the Baha’i Faith from the safety and security of your own home?

Would you appreciate hearing perspectives of many different Baha’is from many different experiences? 


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The Manifest Your Potential Fireside Talk DVD provides a brief presentation about the basic beliefs, practices, and vision of this new world religion. A companion to the book Manifest Your Potential in the Baha’i Faith, this video offers a talk along with clips from real life Baha’is (no paid actors) who share their experiences with how this new world religion is transforming their lives on a daily basis.

About Your Host
The speaker, Nathan Thomas, is the author of several books about the Baha’i Faith and has lectured widely about this new world religion and its teachings. With an open and friendly approach, Nathan introduces you to the Baha’i Faith and how it is affecting people from all walks of life around the world. Along the way, you will get a sense for what Baha’is believe, how they practice their faith, and what inspires them to grow and sacrifice towards a better vision of humanity.