Are you interested in studying different religions? 

Do you want to know what is different between faiths?  Do you want to know what is common between faiths?






The book includes chapters on all the worlds main religions including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, and how people from these faiths find commonalities and even fulfillment in the Baha’i Faith. In addition, it introduces spiritual teachings of Native Faiths, along with moral and philosophical understandings that have led many people of agnostic and atheist paths to investigate the reality of the Baha’i Faith.

For People Who Are New to the Baha’i Faith
If you are new to the Baha’i Faith and its teachings, this book offers you an introduction to its basic beliefs, teachings, and spiritual truths renewed for our modern day and age.

For Baha’is
If you are an experienced Baha’i, this book offers you an opportunity to learn about having a dialog with people from every religious faith, or from no faith at all.  You will learn about the historical, theological, and spiritual teachings that align all faiths, but also understand better some of the nuances and differences that have separated people of different religions over the years.

Written in a light and conversational tone, and full of stories and analogies to help illustrate points and invite open-minded consideration, this book provides a valuable tool for any person investigating or deepening their understanding of the Baha’i Faith.

About the Author
The author, Nathan Thomas, is a member of the Baha’i Faith who lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. An experienced teacher, writer, and public speaker, Nathan brings his storytelling abilities and his capacity to explain complex ideas in an easy-to-digest way to all of his books and speaking engagements.  In addition to the Many Paths Series, Nathan has also written other books including Making a Better World with the Baha’i Faith, and Manifest Your Potential in the Baha’i Faith.


Table of Contents
Part I: Preparing for the Journey
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is the Baha’i Faith?
Chapter 3: Creating a Map for Many Paths
Part II: The Paths
Chapter 4: Paths from Judaism to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 5: Paths from Christianity to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 6: Paths from Islam to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 7: Paths from Hinduism to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 8: Paths from Buddhism to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 9: Paths from Native Religions to the Baha’i Faith
Chapter 10: Paths from Agnosticism to the Baha’i Faith
Part III: Next Steps
Chapter 11: Many Destinations for Many Paths
Chapter 12: Conclusion