Baha’is believe that a loving and all-providing God has never left humanity without guidance. Baha’is believe that all the World’s religions are from the same Source, and that the latest divine guidance has come from God’s most recent Messenger, Baha’u’llah.  The Baha’i teachings state that the purpose of life is to develop spiritual qualities, such as love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, knowledge, and truthfulness. Baha’is work daily for peace, justice, equality, unity, and love in the world. The goal is the peaceful unity of humanity in worship of its Creator, and our lives are meant to be a sacrifice for this Cause.

Baha’is also believe in action, in service, and in doing something for the world around us. The Baha’i writings say, “If we are true Baha’is speech is not needed. Our actions will help in the world, will spread civilization, will help the progress of science, and cause the arts to develop. Without action nothing in the material world can be accomplished, neither can words unaided advance a man in the spiritual Kingdom. It is not through lip-service only that the elect of God have attained to holiness, but by patient lives of active service they have brought light into the world.” (Abdu’l-Baha, PT, p. 80)

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