Baha’is engage in a number of activities that we can broadly categorize in two ways. The first category is focused on developing their inner selves. The second category is focused on developing the world around.

When Baha’is work on developing their inner selves, they must first accept Baha’u’llah as the Messenger of God for our Age. This is a lifelong process for most. It is a process of developing a relationship with your Lord. For each person, it takes a very personal and unique form, but it starts with an inner commitment that says, ‘I believe.’ This is the beginning of faith. Baha’is then develop this relationship throughout their lives using a number of tools and techniques given to them by Baha’u’llah. Baha’is pray and meditate every day using the words revealed by Baha’u’llah for this purpose. Baha’is also try to reflect on their actions and thoughts to constantly strive to be better, using the standards set forth in our Holy Writings. Baha’is work to overcome selfish egos and to become more caring. And through this inner struggle strive to be the heavenly and noble beings that God gave everyone the potential to become.

Once the inner self has begun the lifelong process of refinement, Baha’is feel a desire to shape and improve the world around.  Baha’is do this in many ways. In Baha’i communities they have regular meetings where encouragement is offered, support, love and service to each other. There are Baha’is from every economic, social, religious, and cultural background and the results of the spiritual fusion of all these differences are truly rewarding.

Baha’is strive to develop the world around by supporting social actions that promote peace, unity, justice, and spiritual awareness around the world. In some communities Baha’is help in the struggle to end racism. In other communities they help to overcome sexism and to promote the equality of men and women. In other communities they help children by providing education and basic health services. Today, around the world, Baha’is have thousands of social and economic development projects focused on serving mankind and fulfilling the mandate of our Faith, which is to make this world into a peaceful, unified, and spiritually enlightened homeland for all.

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