Meet Some Baha’is

Learn how people from a variety of backgrounds embraced the Bahá’í Faith for themselves. Each video is a short 5-10 minute story from a member of a community. The interviews explore why people accepted this religion as their own. In the process these stories offer you insights into why people find this to be a compelling and life-changing experience.

These videos are shortened versions from the WhyUnite? Interview Series. If you want to watch extended versions of these materials, we invite you to check out the complete DVD series. It’s available here*.

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Part 1. Paths of Christian Awakenings

1 Andrew

An evangelical Christian becomes a Baha’i

2 Zabine

A German-American Lutheran becomes a Baha’i

3 Mike

The son of a Baptist preacher becomes a Baha’i

4 Rocky

A Christian minister becomes a Baha’i

5 Norma

A Christian becomes a Baha’i when she was a high school student

Part 2. Paths of Eastern Awakenings

1 Nish

A follower of the Jain Faith becomes a Baha’i

2 Fon

A Chinese immigrant becomes a Baha’i

3 Leslie

A Buddhist American woman becomes a Baha’i

4 MsHosoda

The Japanese daughter of a Shinto priest becomes a Baha’i

5 Dave

An American Buddhist becomes a Baha’i

6 Alok

An Indian Hindu becomes a Baha’i

Part 3. Paths of Personal Discovery

1 barbara

An African-American who grew up as a Spiritualist becomes a Baha’i

2 Jonathan

A seeker of truth in all faiths becomes a Baha’i

3 Ben

A Jewish man tacitly seeking faith becomes a Baha’i

4 Thom

A teacher from a small town in America becomes a Baha’i

5 Littlebrave

A Native American woman who follows a dream to become a Baha’i

Part 4. Paths of Understanding

1 Larry

An atheist scientist becomes a Baha’i

2 Sue

An atheist woman of Jewish descent becomes a Baha’i

3 Shawn

A scientist is raised as a Baha’i and accepts it as his own

4 DrHosoda

A Japanese surgeon becomes a Baha’i

5 Roy

A student at university transforms himself and his friends

Part 5. Paths of Activism

1 Judy

A social worker and guidance counselor becomes a Baha’i

4 Norm

A Native American social activist becomes a Baha’i 

2 Jesse

A Chinese-American becomes a Baha’i through a youth dance workshop

3 Sarah

A woman committed to serving humanity finds inspiration in the Baha’i Faith

5 Steve

A teacher and administrator who works in Baha’i schools around the world

Part 6. Paths of Unity

1 Lovelynn

A Filipino-American Catholic girl becomes a Baha’i

2 Kurt

A man who was raised to find truth in all religions becomes a Baha’i

3 Martha

A Christian woman who struggled with alcoholism becomes a Baha’i

4 Yohaness

An African American man trained in the arts finds commonalities with all people

5 Bill

A Catholic who served as an officer on a nuclear submarine becomes a Baha’i

Part 7. Paths of Persian Experiences

1 Behnam

A man raised in a Muslim and Baha’i family finds strength in his faith

2 Mojdeh

A woman whose grandfather was a Jewish Rabbi sacrifices for the Baha’i Faith

3 Farshid

A man who fled Iran as a child fully embraces his faith as a young adult

4 Sheila

A Persian Muslim woman becomes a Baha’i

5 Ata

A sixth-generation Baha’i stays true to the Faith growing up in America

Part 8. Paths of Bahá’í Identity

1 Rena

A professional ballerina found the Baha’i Faith for herself

2 Jason

A man raised as a Baha’i who investigated religions with an open perspective

3 Robin

A woman who found her way back to the Baha’i Faith through trying times

4 Laila

A music teacher who grew up with a strong Baha’i identity

5 Rita

A woman whose personal faith gives her patterns for living

6 Smita

A woman raised in India who embraced the Baha’i Faith as her own

Part 9. Paths of Service

1 Elizabeth

A woman who traveled and served the Baha’i Faith from a young age

2 Justice

A Catholic woman who embraced the Baha’i Faith through service

3 Skyler

A young American man who served in Africa and consecrated his faith

4 Neda

A woman who grew up with a commitment to service