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Do you have a few hours a month to volunteer? Are you looking for a way to contribute your talents and capacity to the Baha’i Faith in a direct way that makes sense for you?

Do you want to help create high quality, Baha’i-inspired, digital media content and experiences that can inspire people? Do you want to make something you can share with your friends and contacts that specifically addresses their interests and questions?

Do you want to work alongside other creative members from all over the world? Does the idea of a new platform for participation and engagement for Baha’is to serve together across all boundaries and borders sound intriguing and inspiring to you?

open Roles

Use your talents and capacity...

Onboarding Consultant

Be a critical part of operations and help new volunteers engage quickly and effectively and add value.

Content Editor

Work on content gathered from amazing Baha'is around the world.

Team Mentor

Work with Baha'is from all over the world to provide feedback, coaching and support.

Learning Facilitator

Lead a study group or book club within WhyUnite and help us cultivate expertise and adapt to a changing world.

Management Consultant

Help empower people across the organization to drive their own success.

Marketing Manager

Tell the world about the exciting and engaging content and projects that the teams at WhyUnite are working on.

Professional Recruiter

Build teams from every corner of the world to collaborate on Baha'i inspired projects together.

All Team Members

Professional online, web, publishing or media talents are needed to help create content that is tuned to the needs and interests of our audiences.

Graphic Designer

Develop professional design and branding across all our content.


Help us crystalize meaning, reinforce consistency, and empower action across our content.

UX Designer

Use your talents to create consistent and easy-to-use tools and content.

PHP / WordPress Developer

We believe that technology exists to help spread the divine message to every heart on the globe. Use your talents to help bring that to reality.

Business Analyst

Gather, normalize, and interpret our impacts on the world, and then help identify the opportunities to make things better.

Product Manager

Develop cohesive, phased, and adaptive products. Drive a team unified in vision. Learn as we go, adapt where we need to, and ensure follow through to the end.

User Researcher

Help develop, tune, and roll out our products in every phase of the process. Help us focus on where our audience wants to go.


All you need is a willingness to connect, learn, and co-create with us as we build a new kind of virtual community.

Author / Storyteller

Join a community of authors & storytellers to capture, chronicle, and retell the stories of experiences from around the world.

Audio / Video Specialist

Help create a library of useful and compelling digital media content to share the stories, wisdom, and experiences of Baha'is around the world.

Musician / Singer

Create a unique, modern, and tasteful musical library that can be used in online products and spiritually uplifting content.


Help create a steady stream of unique, differentiated, and compelling photographic content to enrich our digital content across channels.


Create original and professional level illustrations to bring content to life.


Help us gather stories from all over the world for our various content projects.

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