Find Answers To Your Questions About The Baha'i Faith

“Blessed are the just souls who seek the truth.”

~ Abdu’l-Baha

Welcome to the WhyUnite? Q&A section where we share answers to commonly asked questions. While we hope you enjoy exploring this material, please keep in mind that the content below has been written by an individual member of the Baha’i Faith to help you explore the teachings and beliefs of this religion. Quotations from the Baha’i Writings have been shared whenever possible, however, the views and opinions expressed here are not authoritative and should be balanced with your own study of the Baha’i Faith.

About the Baha’i Faith

What is the Baha’i Faith?

What do Baha’is believe?

Baha’i Activities

What do Baha’is do?

When and where do Baha’is gather?

What is a Baha’i Fireside?

How do Baha’is spread their faith?

Life and death

What do Baha’is believe is the purpose of life?

What do Baha’is believe happens after we die?

Baha’i Family Life, Careers, and Society

What is the Baha’i perspective on the importance of family life?

Why is the Baha’i institution of marriage so important?

What is the Baha’i perspective on careers?

What is the Baha’i perspective on community?

Do Baha’is drink alcohol?

How do Baha’is become detached?

What is the Baha’i perspective on money and wealth?

How do Baha’is think they can help the world?

What is the Baha’i perspective on the role of women in the world?

Becoming a Baha’i

Why would anyone want to be a Baha’i?

What if I agree with most things, but not everything, in the Baha’i Faith?

Where can someone get more information on the Baha’i Faith?

How does someone become a Baha’i?

How the Baha’i Faith is Organized

What is the Universal House of Justice?

What does it mean to serve on the Universal House of Justice?

Holy Texts of the Baha’i Faith

What are the main books of the Baha’i Faith?

What are the Baha’i Holy Writings?

Why are the Baha’i Writings often hard to read?

Laws and Standards of the Baha’i Faith

What are some daily practices for Baha’is?

What are some Baha’i laws?

What is the Obligatory Prayer?

What is the Baha’i Fast?

What is the Baha’i perspective on gossiping and backbiting?


Baha’i Faith and Christianity

Do Baha’is believe in Christianity?

How do Baha’is deal with sin and shame?

How do Baha’is view the Bible?

Do Baha’is take a literal interpretation of the Bible?

Why should Christians investigate the Baha’i Faith?

How can Christians know what to believe?

Does Baha’u’llah fulfill Bible prophesy?

Do Baha’is believe in the miracles of Jesus?

How do Baha’is understand the Trinity?

Do Baha’is believe in a personal God?

Is Christ the only Way?

Do Baha’is believe in personal salvation?

Do Baha’is believe in original sin?

Do Baha’is believe in baptism?

Do Baha’is believe in the Devil?

Is Baha’u’llah a false prophet or the Anti-Christ?

What did Baha’u’llah say to the Churches?

What did Baha’u’llah write to the Christian world?

What is the Baha’i perspective on the Day of Judgement?

Baha’i History

Who was the Báb?

Who was Baha’u’llah?

Who was Abdu’l-Bahá?

Who was Shoghi Effendi?

Baha’i View on Organized Religion

What is the Baha’i perspective on the potential of religion?

Why do religions differ from each other?

What is the Baha’i perspective on the purpose of religion?

What if I dislike organized religion?

How is the Baha’i system of organized religion different?

What is the Covenant of Baha’u’llah?

How is the Baha’i administration organized today?

What is the purpose of the Baha’i Administrative Order?

What authority does the Baha’i Administrative Order have over Baha’is?

What is the legacy of a Baha’i?

Some Responses to Specific Questions

Is there a God?

How can God allow innocents to suffer?

Are Baha’is politically active?

What is the Baha’i perspective on how science and religion agree?

Do Baha’is believe in evolution?

What is the Baha’i perspective on the environment?

What is the Baha’i perspective on abortion?

Are Baha’is pacifists?

Do Baha’is believe in reincarnation?

Why isn’t the Baha’i community just a charitable organization?

Is the Baha’i Faith a cult?

Who are these ‘other Baha’is’ on the Internet?

What is a world citizen?