Ten years ago, we set off on a journey to create a set of materials to introduce the Baha’i Faith with a modern, engaging, and professional approach.

We came from a marketing and technology background, and we knew that the first step in reaching an audience is understanding that audience. Instead of making a 1-size fits all (which in our world means 1-size fits none), we decided to take an adaptable approach, and tailor our content to the interests and needs of the people.

And so, we started writing and producing a set of content that speaks to people in different ways.

To the students of religion, we introduced the series: Many Paths to the Baha’i Faith series. This book with a companion compilation and video firesides introduces the Faith as a journey of journeys that all people from all the world’s religions can find a place in.

To the passionate seekers of self-realization, the people who want to find true happiness and fulfillment in their lives, we introduced the series: Manifest Your Potential in the Baha’i Faith. This material focuses on how the teachings, practices, and vision of the Baha’i Faith can help us live our healthiest and happiest lives in service to the greatest of causes, the betterment of all of humanity.

And to the people who want to change the world and solve all the great problems of our times including war, inequality, prejudice, and corruption with a comprehensive solution, we introduced the series Making a Better World with the Baha’i Faith.

Additionally, we realized there was an audience for authentic, real, and compelling stories of people from various backgrounds who have made the journey to become a Baha’i and are working every day to put this faith into action in their daily lives. So, we went out and recorded scores of interviews of Baha’is from nearly every conceivable religious background telling their own stories of discovering and embracing this new religion.

And for those who wanted to learn about this religion who maybe did not live in an area that had access to a healthy and vibrant community to help guide and accompany them into the Baha’i Faith, we introduced a series of online self-paced classes about living the Baha’i Life and understanding its history.

Together we created a foundation for a new approach to creating Baha’i content. It’s a foundation focused on understanding our audiences, utilizing the latest in technology and publishing, and just trying new things with courage and excitement.

We learned so much from this experience, not just about how to create great content with the amazing tools available to us. But we also learned how empowering and inspiring it can be to work on something you really believe in for the Baha’i Faith. 

I don’t know about you, but many efforts over the years in our local communities have felt like they are moving on a different wavelength from what is going on in the world around us. As people working in technology and innovation, who have been founders and co-founders of startups and who have worked at large global companies and small nonprofits, we’ve seen what people are capable of. We know the reach, the power, and the influence that great content, great products, and great services can provide using technology. And we know there are a lot of people out there who want to figure this out with us.

In 2021, we re-started the WhyUnite? Project as a collective effort. We’re inviting people from all over the world to join with us to create the next generation of compelling, engaging, and effective content for introducing and sharing the principles of the Baha’i Faith with the world.

Our vision is to create a global network of teams who are collaborating virtually on new projects to help the Faith.

Right now, we’re still a small team. But we aspire to have a huge impact. If you’d like to join the WhyUnite team, we invite you to look over our open roles and see if anything matches up with your skills, interests, and energy. And don’t forget to share these opportunities with friends and contacts who you think might want to join the team as well!