Introducing a new book about the Baha’i Faith

A book by Nathan Thomas that explores how and why people from all over the world are united by the goals, organization, and spiritual power of the Baha’i Faith.

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About the book
Making a Better World with the Bahá’í Faith
How Bahá’ís are transforming our world into a more just, prosperous, and spiritual home for all mankind.
Learn how Bahá’ís of all backgrounds create a satisfying and empowering role in service to humanity in the Bahá’í Cause. With solutions for much of our world’s most troubling issues, the Bahá’í Faith offers mankind a hopeful way forward.
Take Personal Responsibility to Create a New Global Civilization
Making a Better World with the Bahá’í Faith, How Bahá’ís are transforming our world into a more just, prosperous, and spiritual home for all mankind explores the paths that Bahá’ís are taking to help improve the human condition. The Bahá’í Faith offers the world a solution that is comprehensive in its breadth, practical in its approach, and transformative in its potential to change the way we think about who we are, why we exist, and where we are going as one human family. This book addresses many of the social, material, and spiritual problems of our time that the Bahá’í Faith endeavors to solve. It covers how the Bahá’ís:
• Promote world peace and global justice
• Emancipate women and ensure the equality of all people worldwide
• Alleviate economic injustice with a spiritual approach
• Reduce religious intolerance and fanaticism
• Encourage collective learning, scientific discovery and rational thought
• Build a new global system of governance from the ground up
• Unleash the capacity of resources of the world
• Help youth find an enduring purpose for their lives
• Support people of all faiths, backgrounds, and causes towards common values that we all believe in
A WhyUnite Book
The WhyUnite Project is an initiative to bring compelling, unique, and practical content to people about the Bahá’í Faith.
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