We're Building a WhyUnite
Online community...

A group  of innovation-minded people is coming together to experiment with new solutions that promise to help our communities achieve more while increasing engagement and participation.


We understand that everyone has busy schedules! But we think any Baha’i with just a few hours a month to give can join this exploration. No technical expertise is required. All that’s needed is a desire and interest in creating stronger Baha’i communities with new and easy-to-use tools. 


We are providing access to brand new solutions that were designed using best practices in building and strengthening  communities to better engage a wider world. 


We are holding a kick-off meeting and workshop on November 16th at the Eastside Baha’i Center in Bellevue, WA from 1pm to 3pm. Come join us if you can! If you can’t make it but still want to stay informed, sign up for our mailing list. You will receive updates and information on what’s going on about once a month (and you can opt out any time!). 

Our goal is to increase engagement within our communities, improve the effectiveness of our collective efforts, and to leverage new innovative community-building solutions. 

This initiative was started by a Baha’i couple in Kirkland. They have 20 years’ experience in technology and marketing and a passion for building communities that are attractive, engaging, and empowering to everyone.

Our mission is to gather like-minded people to harness untapped capacity in our community using best practices and an experimental mindset.

We believe that the tools we plan to use will provide a new path for increasing engagement and participation in Baha’i community activities. We think these efforts  can help our communities discover, empower, and harness new resources that could be used to support core activities and improve outreach for sustained growth. Additionally, these solutions offer a modern and fresh approach that can excite and engage audiences of all ages.

At this point, we think the full group will try to meet in-person every few months. At these meetings you should expect interactive workshops that welcome participation. They will be results-driven with consultation and adjustments expected at every stage of the process. Beyond this, members will be invited to volunteer as mentors, guides, book club leaders, writer, and more depending on interest and availability.

We are planning to use brand new tools that have never been tried. They were built with the purpose of strengthening and building communities in mind. We believe these solutions can reinvigorate our efforts to support the plans laid out by our institutions while offering new pathways of service and engagement to members of the community. 

Anyone! There are no technical skills required. There is no cost and no obligation to volunteer. The point is that we believe these solutions should offer pathways of service that are enticing, uplifting, and inspiring, and thus rewarding in themselves to members who participate. As always, we believe all community-building activities should be open to anyone who shares our values. But for now we are first inviting Baha’is in order to get to know the tools better and to help work out any bugs in the process. Once we have patterns established and the process has solidified, we see no reason not to open up these solutions to our friends and contacts.

We believe that as Baha’is, it is our collective opportunity [and responsibility] to learn, experiment, and try to advance this glorious Faith using any and all healthy and productive tools at our disposal! As we all know, we live in a world where new technologies are being developed every day that boggle the mind. New innovations are making new approaches not only possible, but necessary if we are to evolve as a healthy and vibrant organization. These new solutions are also creating new kinds of communities that make it more possible than ever to bring together like-minded people to get stuff done, regardless of physical locations.

RSVP to one of the planning meetings – we would love to have you! 

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A little more about these new tools...

Ensure every new member has the support and guidance they need to find their value path in your organization.

Harness the power of mentorship across your organization to transform lives, empower ownership, and build new connections.

Questions are the beginning of wisdom, and your community provides a wealth of knowledge and experience you should be tapping.

Utilize the unique capacities of your members with a powerful tool that can surface the capabilities, needs and opportunities latent.

Starting book clubs is a powerful tool for bringing people together to learn and grow together.

Thrive in a changing world with an experimental approach.

Make the most of your time together with a comprehensive tool for building energy, making decisions, consulting effectively, and proposing meaningful action.

Great product management is more than just delivering a pretty roadmap. Greatness comes from unifying a team around a common mission and empowering them to achieve it.