Do you want to change the world?

Do you want to see world peace and collective security become a reality? Do you want to see the equality of women and men truly practiced in the world? Do you want economic justice? Do you want to see an end to racial prejudice?  Do you believe that humanity is capable of much more? Do you want to learn about a global community of people from every conceivable background who are working together to create a better world?







Making a Better World with the Baha’i Faith, How Baha’is are Transforming Our World Into a More Just, Prosperous, and Spiritual Home for All Mankind is a book explores the goals, organization, and spirit of this new world religion.  This is a glimpse of the world that they are working for. From working for universal education, to the equality of the sexes, to preserving our environment, the Baha’is care deeply about making this world a better place. But they do not just have high aims, the Baha’is also have a worldwide organization that is mobilizing the resources and capacities of people from every corner of the globe to change our world. This community of individuals is fused together by a unifying spirit of the age that helps them overcome their differences and learn to trust one another at a spiritual level, giving them a power like none other in this world.

For People New to the Baha’i Faith
If you are new to the study of this faith, you will find a clear and compelling look at the motivating force that animates the Baha’is of the world.  The book provides any open-minded seeker a broad overview of the mission of this new world religion.

For Baha’is
If you are an experienced Baha’i, you will find a treasure trove of material that you can use in your dialog with friends, coworkers, and family members about the world-changing power of this new world faith. It will help you talk about important world issues such as war, poverty, sexism, prejudice, organized religion, and spiritual unification in a more engaging way.

Written in a light and conversational style, the book illustrates its points with stories, analogies, quotations, and thought-provoking commentary to help the reader understand what this new world religion is all about.

About the Author
The author, Nathan Thomas, is a member of the Baha’i Faith who lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. An experienced teacher, writer, and public speaker, Nathan brings his storytelling abilities and his capacity to explain complex ideas in an easy-to-digest way to all of his books and speaking engagements.  In addition to the Making a Better World Series, Nathan has also written other books including Many Paths to the Baha’i Faith and Manifest Your Potential in the Baha’i Faith.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Welcome to Making a Better World
Chapter 2. What is the Baha’i Faith?
Part I: Aspiring to Universal Goals
Chapter 3. Working Together towards True Unity
Chapter 4. Creating a Global Culture
Chapter 5. Striving for World Peace
Chapter 6. Working for Universal Education
Chapter 7. Promoting the Equality of Men and Women
Chapter 8. Eliminating Prejudice from Our Hearts
Chapter 9. Aligning the World’s Faiths
Chapter 10. Cherishing Our Environment
Chapter 11. Powering the Spiritual Economy
Part II: Organizing for Sustainable Change
Chapter 12. Cultivating Effective Communities
Chapter 13. Encouraging Consultative Leadership
Chapter 14. Serving our Local Spiritual Assemblies
Chapter 15. Cherishing the Universal House of Justice
Chapter 16. Learning through Collective Discovery
Chapter 17. Healing Our World by Healing Families
Chapter 18. Purifying Our Lives through the Baha’i Fund
Chapter 19. Empowering Youth to Renew Our Communities
Chapter 20. Ensuring Unity of Our Community within the Covenant
Chapter 21. Exploring the World in Service to Humanity
Part III: Channeling Spiritual Forces
Chapter 22. Sharing a Spirit of Faith
Chapter 23. Inspiring an Uplifting Spirit of Morality in Society
Chapter 24. Infusing a Spirit of Service into all Mankind
Chapter 25. Cultivating a Spirit of Trust
Chapter 26. Deciding How You Will Make a Difference