Baha’is have a whole host of activities that are open to the public. They have regular ‘firesides’ where people can come to hear talks and ask questions. They have ‘study circles,’ and what are called deepenings, where they gather with interested people and study the Writings of the Baha’I Faith. There are also devotional meetings where people of all faiths comes to Baha’i homes and centers to gain spiritual sustenance and inspiration. Many Baha’i communities host talks by specialists on varying subjects related to the Baha’i Faith or its teachings. There are also workshops, children’s classes, summer schools, weekend institutes, and many other activities that may be going on in your area. Baha’is also have holidays and festivals during the year where they gather to deepen their connection to the Faith and foster a sense of community.

Baha’is also attend regular gatherings once every 19 days called ‘Feast.’ This Feast is an institution in our Faith that Baha’is are strongly exhorted to attend. A Feast is divided into three time periods: a devotional portion of prayers, music and readings from the Holy Writings; a business portion where local, regional, national, and international Baha’i news is reported and discussed; and a social portion with food where Baha’is have a chance to talk and share with each other.

Depending on the size of the community, Baha’is may gather in peoples homes, in public meeting halls, in Baha’i centers or Baha’i houses of worship.

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