Our Story

Ten years ago, we set off on a journey to create a set of materials to introduce the Baha’i Faith with a modern, engaging, and professional approach. We came from a marketing and technology background, and we knew that the first step in reaching an audience is understanding that audience. Instead of making a 1-size […]

The Global Difference

One of the things we believe at WhyUnite is that our global community is a defining element of the Baha’i faith. We believe that this can be our most compelling and magnetic force for drawing humanity towards the Cause for this Age. I can tell you from personal experience that the people in my neighborhoods […]

Our Vision

What are we building at WhyUnite? In a nutshell, our vision is to create a global network of teams who are collaborating virtually on new projects to help the Faith. Thank you so much for checking out our site. We’re so excited to have you here. My name is Nathan Thomas and I’m an author […]

Our Creative Community

Many of us know that the power to build community on a global scale is finally a reality. We can now connect, learn, and collaborate with every soul on the planet. We can bring everyone into one family, one community, one team, like never before.